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      1. hey i have a problem with earning kr points. i have had 44 kr for the past couple of games now and its annoying that it says i got 20 kr or something in a match but it isnt adding to my account. can you please help me with this

          1. Can I get the contact form please I really need the password to my new acc

  1. and my account on krunker is EmeraldJaguar plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Can you reset my password guys. My username is Eznal09 I never logged out my account from my pc that’s why I cannot remember my password anymore. Pls help me

  3. is there a way i can change my password because i put my correct password but is says password incorrect so im XXX_SUVIR_XXX

  4. I reset my krunker password, nickname is Bunnyouknow. When I reset the password it didn’t let me sign in.

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