Information For Parents

On the internet, security and privacy are the two issues that we consider important. Your child should have fun in a very safe environment. Children under 8 cannot create an account in websites.

The following information has a great importance for your child’s safety:

Your child should always be honest about his age.

Your child shouldn’t give personal information such as your address, email address and telephone number.

Your child should never share his password with others and should choose a safe password.

Your child should tell you when there is a problem disturbing him.

Finally, you should make your child be aware that his profile can be seen by others.

How can we keep this website safe?

We are naturally careful about what is going on in this site. However, we cannot observe every place continuously and thus we provide services below:

You can make a complaint about a person that is disturbing you or behaving in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

In addition, we are using language filters to prevent these kinds of problems.

What is the cost of being a member?

Nothing! Our guides and games are all free. (We are showing advertisements on our website)