Agent Class Guide agent Agent is known as the class using the Akimbo Uzi as its main weapon. You can easily play by selecting this class from the class selection section when starting the game. It can be considered a class not preferred by many players. It is one of the character classes added to the game later with updates. is an exciting shooting game where players compete in a shooting field. There are multiple maps of the game in which players wage a battle against each other. The main objective of the players is to survive. Survival of the fittest is the main essence of the game. The only fittest player can survive, level up, and achieve a higher score. Thus, game is a wonderful free to play online game that is packed with exciting features.

Customize the Game

Players can customize the game, and create modes. Now, players are given the freedom to set up a format in which players compete, shoot, and level up. Customization of the game enables the players to enjoy the variable experience within the game.

Though there are different modes of the game available, players can enjoy the customized modes and play according to their will. You can use skins to improve your character. agent Agent

The agent is a class within the game that enhances the beauty of the game. It is a powerful class that can utilize two weapons at a time. Agent is also a furious, aggressive, and short-range class that is quite tougher than other classes such as Vince class.

The biggest advantage of this class is that it can walk very quickly and fire its bullets rapidly. The disadvantage of the main weapon of this class is that it doesn’t have a lot of hit range. In short, you may not be able to do much damage to enemies far away.

Best Features of the Agent

Following are some of the best characteristics of the Agent:

  • The agent is a class that is fast-moving, aggressive, furious, enraged, frenzied, and intense. He has a fast movement speed that is 1.2.
  • This class has many similarities with the Run N Gun as well as non-sniper classes.
  • The agent class wears a black suit that is quite similar to the Triggerman.
  • Agent class can take the benefit of its aggressiveness and go close to its enemies within the game interface. So, it allows the agent player to get near to other opponents and win.
  • The primary weapon of the Agent is Akimbo Uzi.
  • This class has a 100 hp range.

Strategy Used by the Agent

The agent has a fast speed, so the player should approach the opponent. It is so because the weapon of the agent cannot target faraway objects/persons well. To suppress the spread of the agent’s bullets, the agent should crouch and then fire. However, this puts you at a target position and decreases your movement as well as speed.

The agent can still give out bigger damage to the opponent. However, if Agent is close to the enemy, the agent can take out an opponent with 2 bullets only. So, play strategically and win the game.

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