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A multiplayer 3D shooting game, lets you eliminate all the adversaries and have the best scores. You may able to play the game as a team or on your own. You can use it as a guest without any registration or play it with an account. When you choose the class of your game, you can take birth in a specific location of the map and destroy all enemies. As a player, you can open up a account 2020 in order to use customizations and more advanced weapons.

How to Open a Krunkerio Account?

It is quite easy to open an account in the game. You can set a password and username to open up your account 2020 with ease. If you play without opening an account, you will not be able to earn KR points and get extra items. Once you open up this account, you can easily access plenty of information about your own character. These include:

  • Name
  • Level
  • Clan
  • Time played
  • Lose / Win rate
  • Games won
  • Games played
  • Death / kill rate
  • Deaths
  • Kills
  • KR (game coin)
  • Score

Before you start this game, you need to choose your own class. Once this is done, you have to pick your secondary and primary weapons. You may customize a character of your own by choosing a special spray and hat for your own character. accounts 2020

What are the Benefits of a Account 2020?

Once you get KR points or the game currency or coins, you may purchase the same from the socket wheels. All these include:

  • Attire Spin
  • Heroic Spin
  • Elite Spin
  • Starter Spin

For a fee, you may even get the currency for the game. After opening up a account, you will be able to enter leaderboard rankings for your character. Leaderboard rankings categorized into various classes, which include:

  • Clans
  • Krunkies
  • Time
  • Wins
  • Kills
  • Level

Everyone who holds the Krunkerio account can create a map of his own with the map editor and easily play together along with friends.

When creating your account, please write down your password in any notebook. Nowadays, many players are faced with forgetting the password for their account.

As the owner of account 2020, you might end up forgetting the password for the same. However, you can reset your password by sending an email to the manager of the game. You may even use the contact form in order to do this. The process is easy, but it can take some amount of time. It is advised that you note down the password for the account.

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