Tips Bowman Guide is a first-person online fascinating game, which is filled with great features. is an addictive online game. If the user plays it once, they want to play once every day. Different character classes are available in the game. Bowman is called the character who uses the Crossbow weapon. If you want to play games with the archer gun, Bowman should be your choice. Bowman

The characters in the game are called the class. Bowman is the second new class of the game. This player boasts a modern and chic look with brownish pants, beige-color shirts, and black shoes. The appearance of the Bowman player is quite similar to the Detective and Hunter Class.

Bowman is a class that involves great risk, great rewards, and good reflexes. Bowman class also emphasizes the accuracy as well as the timing of the Bowman. This is the strongest class that can handle the whopping 200 damage. It can take damage, and recover nicely.

Playing Krunkerio Bowman is a very technical character. Because the gun cannot shoot arrows very fast and the reload time is long. However, the arrow of the weapon is very powerful and the rate of single-shot killing when hitting the enemy is high. bowman

Bowman kills opponents efficiently by hitting with Crossbow. The Bowman character uses the Crossbow and the technical specifications of this weapon are listed below.

Special Effect: Projectile-based
Damage: 200
Range: 700 units
Ammo: 1
Reload: 1200 ms
Zoom: 1.4
Aim Speed: 120 ms
Speed Multiplier: 1
Headshot Multiplier: 1.5

Key Features of Bowman

  • It has an HP of 100.
  • Bowman has medium movement speed.
  • The primary weapon of the Bowman is Crossbow.
  • This class has five secondary weapons, which include Pistol, Deagle, Sawed-Off, Alien Blaster, and Auto-Pistol.

Strategic Gameplay of Krunkerio Bowman Bowman is an exceptional class that has a unique primary weapon and power. Players can play wonderfully with the Crossbow.

Different strategies of the Hunter can be used by Bowman players. Bowman has weak ammunition.  If the player fails to hit the opponent, the opponent can take you down. But Bowman has its advantages, which include 360s. If the player successfully carries out 360, they will definitely take down the enemies. So, it is a low class but it has great and solid power.

Who Can Play the Game? game developers have limited the game to 13 years of age. Only players, who have 13 years of age at least, will be allowed to play the game only. The decision was taken because of the nature of the game. This game includes shooting and violence, which is not healthy for young minds. Another reason for the age restriction was that the game is a bit difficult to play. Only 13 years old (or above) players can play the game.

This game is fun to play, but it is not suitable for everyone to play as it is a gun-based game. We recommend that the game age limit rule be followed. Teenagers will understand the switching of game modes, game maps, and other settings. So, teenagers can unfold all the mysteries and enjoy the game to a fuller extent.

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