Spray N Pray Class Spray N Pray Spray N Pray is a popular class that uses Light Machine Gun. This gun has 60 bullets in one magazine. According to many classes, its gun can shoot effectively, but it is a very slow-moving class. is free to play a massively multiplayer online game. This game consists of multiple levels and modes, which increase the efficiency and excitement of the game. is a web browser game that does not take up any memory in your devices. So, you can play this game free online. Spray N Pay is a famous class as it is the largest clip class. Spay N Pray is a first-person shooting game whose popularity has spread worldwide. Spray N Pray is one of the three powerful classes that wear green clothes. This is a tank class that has the biggest and best health. This class is famous due to its biggest amount of ammunition along with 60 bullets. But, this is also a slower class in the game. Another feature of this class is that it moves even slower when firing, so you must aim first and then shoot the enemy.

Though this is the fastest class of the game, the player is stripped off of small powers such as jumping to stop any object. The player can also not use the knife for any added mobility. Spray N Pray

Key Features of the Spray N Pray

Following are some of the top features of the Spray N Pray:

  • It has an HP of 170.
  • This class has the lowest speed.
  • The primary weapon of this class is the Light Machine Gun.
  • The movement speed is 0.95.
  • Though it is the fastest class, the player moves slowly.

Strategic Gameplay with the Spray N Pray

This is the perfect class that gives the player multiple advantages over players of other classes. Players can persistently shoot at the next player for 12 seconds. Enemy players are required to reload when their shells run out after a certain shot, but this is not required in the Spray N Pray class. Spray N Pray class does not often have to reload the gun. This class helps you in giving a single low-damage to the enemy before dying in the game.

The biggest disadvantage of this class is that it can be easily hit by the Hunter class because it is slow. Spray and Pay is a fantastic class of game that offers a good advantage over other classes. You can play this character better if you play the game in fullscreen 2021 mode.

How to Play Game?

Here is how you can play the game:

  • is a fast-paced browser shooting game. To play this game, you should, first of all, operate it on the web.
  • As a beginner, you can right jump into the game field of the game.
  • Before starting, you should choose one of the player warrior classes.
  • You have to shoot the person who comes in front of you. You should try to kill all your enemies in a given amount of time.
  • Initially, you will be given charge of three weapons. You need to use them smartly to survive longer in every attempt.
  • You should try to save yourself from other’s bullets. If bullets kill you, you will lose.

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