Controls 2019 controls 2019 is an exciting game. Understanding controls gives you the ability to succeed in this game. controls 2019 are pretty simple. The controls are very important if you want to be successful in the game. A complete understanding of controls can help you build a strong profile.

What are Controls 2019? is a shooting battle game and the player needs to kill the opponent to be victorious. controls 2019 are important if you want to win. Some control keys can help you in movements while others are used for some other activities in the game. The keyboard is the best tool to control the game.

  • Aim: C
  • Next Weapon: Q
  • Previous Weapon: E
  • Chat: Enter
  • Voice: V
  • You can use WASD to move in the game to reach from one place to another.
  • If you want to take the shoot at any of another player in a short time then you should click left for the shoot.
  • When your weapon gets empty and you want to reload it then R is the key that you can use to reload your gun.
  • SPACEBAR is used to take a jump over the things to move from them.
  • You can press SHIFT for the crouch
  • F is the effective key that can help you to spray. controls 2019

How to Play

You can enter the adventurous shooting game by just clicking on some points in the main window. Understanding Krunkerio controls 2019 are important for you to live a long life in the game and be victorious.

Controls play an important role in predicting the outcome of the game. Movements are important and you can do it with the help of arrow keys or W, S, A, D for up, down, left, and right movements respectively. The main task in the game is killing your opponents, so you’ll need frequent reloading of your weapon. There are controls used for reloading your weapon and you can do it by pressing the R key. These control keys play the most important roles in the game.

Other Control Options

The game also includes various control options apart from it. You can use the space bar to jump over obstacles present in your way. By pressing shift you can crouch. controls 2019 are necessary to make the game interesting. This game has provided you with interactive options. Using these options you can make interactions with other players. You can chat with other players as soon you enter the game. For chatting you should type your message and press Enter. Then, the message will be visible to other players. You can view the map list from the main window, you can also edit or upload it once you log in.

Competition is what moves us forward. To compare your progress, you should know your position as a leader provided at the main window board. You could see your rankings on various categories such as wins, number of kills which may help in your improvement. Give this game a try and have some real fun.

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  1. uhhhhhhhhh u didn’t show us hacks and cheats just controls.

  2. This game is amazing since I dont have any shooter games on my laptop so I play this online cause its free 🙂

  3. How do you shoot in without a mouse on a dell computer

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