Mods 2019


Unlock unique weapons and enter the top list in the game with the use of the mods 2019. It is a special hack that gives players extra features.

How You Can Use Mods? mods 2019 are scripts or hacks that give players a lot of additional features or cheats such as fast healer, wall hack, player tracers, hip fire or auto aim. In order to make use of or apply the mods to the game, one most have a Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey plug-in attached to their browser.

Features of Mods 2019

The features of the mods 2019 include No Recoil, ESP Text Colour, Player ESP, BunnyHop, Triggerbot, Manuel Aim Assist, Use Weapon Range, Aim Through walls, FireBot, Auto Respawn, Fast Healer, Player Tracers, FPS counter, Custom Aim Setting, Quickscoper and Auto Aim. The most used feature by players is the auto aim. mods 2019

Fast Keys

  • T: Change Auto Aim Mode
  • Y: Auto Aim Range
  • U: Activate Player Info and Wall Hack
  • P: Auto Reload
  • I: Unlimited Ammo
  • O: No Recoil
  • B: Change BunnyHop Mode Mods 2019 (needs tampermonkey or others below)

You must have 

VirusTotal Scan: Mods 2019

You have to delete other mods!

Version Updated: 4.6.2019

How to Install Mods?

For one to apply the mods 2019 to the game, the player must download and install the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey plug-ins for his or her preferred browser whether on Google Chrome, Mozilla or Opera Mini. Then download the mods as the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey would automatically install, load and start the mods.

When the game is opened by the player, a red dot can be seen at the top left corner of the screen showing that the mods has been loaded and is currently running. If the dot cannot be seen, the mods has to be activated personally by clicking on it. One can easily make, customize or change the mods 2019 settings by clicking on the yellow coloured hacks key by the right side of the game.

Making Use of Mods 2019 Features mods 2019 includes the use of Player Tracers, that helps one to find the exact location and position of their enemies enabling them to shoot and kill their enemies faster with the use of the firebot feature. Running and jumping is made a lot easy in the game with the BunnyHop feature. Also, you can view the details of the enemies which include the enemies’ name, distance, health, weapon type and number of ammunition from a far distance.

Aiming and shooting through walls is now made easy with the Aim Through walls feature and with the Auto Aim feature having different varieties now, players can have their enemies targeted automatically making it a lot easy to kill them.



  1. Avatar
    Yompix on

    This does not work I get a white screen when I go to krunker with hacks on I have to turn hacks on and then I can play. :/

    • Avatar - Support on

      You need to delete old version of mods on your browser. Then, you can play with mods in the official servers.

    • Avatar - Support on

      You can switch on or off bunny hop with B button.

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