Hacks 2019 hacks 2019 give you an edge in the overall game play of game, which is a first person shooter Io game. These hacks can simplify the gameplay.

How Hacks Can Help You? is a first person shooter battle game, which puts its players into the boots of a pixel soldier. You aim at defeating all enemies. That’s why you can use hacks 2019 if you want to be successful in the game.

Getting through some levels might seem very difficult, but never to worry because you have hacks which would actually help players scale through the game with little or no difficulty at all.

How to Use Hacks 2019?

To be able to use the hack efficiently, you must first get the game, install the hacks on your device and follow the strategies and cheats given.

For those using Google Chrome or Opera browser, you must download a plug-in called the Tamper Monkey and Greasemonkey for Mozilla Firefox users. The cheats and hacks would be installed automatically on your browser. Simply go into the game and play. hacks 2019

The major hack is the Aim bot and Speed Hack. This hack gives you a chance of earning more points in the game and it helps you defeat your enemies easily.

The hack comes with a lot of features that gives players the edge in the game.

Features of Hacks 2019

The hack comes with a lot of extra features like the firebot, speed hack, fast healer, auto aim no reload, auto reload, no fire limit, no recoil, Bhop, ESP, FPS counter, Aim through wall, Quick scoper, trigger bot,  and other unique features.

Fast Keys

  • 1: Change Auto Aim Mode (to use auto aim, players should disable auto fire feature)
  • 2: Auto Bhop
  • 3: Auto Reload
  • 4: No Recoil
  • 5: Aim Delta
  • 6: Burst Shock
  • 7: Force Scope
  • 8: No Death Delay
  • 9: Super Gun
  • 0: Spin Bot Hacks 2019 (needs tampermonkey or others below)

You must have 

VirusTotal Scan: Hacks

You have to delete other hacks scripts!

Updated: 1 May 2020

Description of Features

Bhop: this means bunny hop. This feature makes it difficult for enemies to shoot you in one spot, and it also gives you in-game speed.

ESP: this feature give you all your opponent’s info from a distance, from opponent’s health, to weapon and ammo left, distance from player and players name.

Auto Aim:  this feature gives you an auto targeting advantage, it simply auto target your enemies in the game.

Aim through wall:  simply targets enemies behind walls

No recoil: This feature helps you in killing your enemies more effortlessly by preventing the back fire of your weapon.

Trigger Bot:  this feature allows you to shoot automatically when you hover around enemy zone. This is done by holding down an assigned key.

Finally, do not forget to get the Tampermonkey plug-in in order for you to download the hacks. You can catch more fun with the hacks 2019.

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  1. farego says

    I got the first rank in the game hahahaha

    1. Camycam says

      I get that like every game without hacks I used to hack but now I do not need hacks to get a 20 kill game

  2. uhhhh says

    Why does say I’m disconnected every time I join a server?

    1. Jonathan says

      same for me dude

      1. - Support says

        We fixed the problem. 20.01.2019

        1. Kaneki_Samaa says

          Como lo uso ya instale todo y no se como usarlo

      2. PAPA HALLO says

        Its because of the hack

    2. grwgG says

      the same happens to me

      1. - Support says

        We fixed the problem. 20.01.2019

        1. Roadster says

          i cant use speed hack or anything i can see the name tag of other players but not the outline i cant use the menu to add anything it wont even show up

    3. Veran says


      1. - Support says

        Hello, we fixed disconnect issue, so you can play with the mods. 20.01.2019

    4. Edan says

      it is working now.

  3. elessar13 says

    It is working

  4. sophiasmith says

    it helped me a lot

  5. Robert says

    I think they fixed this hack. It says disconnected every time I open krunker for more than 5 seconds so what should I do?

    1. - Support says

      Hello, we fixed disconnect issue, so you can play with the mods. 20.01.2019

  6. reee says

    it keeps disconnecting me from game, which means it isnt working anymore, or there is an anticheat now, when i turn off them, it works, but when on, it doesnt

    1. - Support says

      We fixed the problem. 20.01.2019

  7. Zadana says


  8. eyet says

    auto aim features are incredible

  9. YDoYou says

    i love this game.

  10. Lord Keynes says

    It is working now. When the other version will come? please… try to upload it first….

  11. daniel says

    does it work form now? cause it keeps disconnecting me

  12. Aerosol 34 says

    It says im leader every time i try to load up the game,

  13. willyshen says

    i don’t know,too

    1. - Support says

      Hacks are working now! 20.01.2019

  14. edwin says

    it doesn’t working I always disconnect

    1. - Support says

      Hello, we fixed disconnect issue, so you can play with the mods. 20.01.2019

  15. Ryzen says

    it works!!!!!

    1. Johny says

      I get a whitescreen

      1. - Support says

        You should delete other extension!

  16. PApa says

    it will let me move

  17. reggie says

    it works but i cant change it from trigger to manual

    1. - Support says

      You can use hack menu or T short keys to change attack style.

  18. krunker player says

    It works perfectly for me

  19. Guest_5.0 says

    It says DISCONNECTED again.

    1. - Support says

      Hi, we updated again 23.01.2019

  20. Noob says

    this is patched now

    1. - Support says

      Hi, we updated again 23.01.2019

      1. Oliwer says

        it just keeps on saying connecting on mine with a black screen the entire time

  21. Blob says

    it works perfectly thank you but i do not get KR on my account

    1. uhhhh says


  22. DD says

    can run or move with it installed, whats the best way to go about it

  23. BoJack Horseman says

    I can change my hack setting 🙂

  24. sal says


  25. Your Name says

    the hack workse since Krunker v.1.0.0

  26. Boi213 says

    im guessing it does not work anymore?

    1. - Support says

      It is working, please check the newest version.

  27. Pablo says

    how to activate?

  28. Yeet says

    Hack works wonderfully but the hotkeys do not work, there is no menu to activate/ change some hacks either.

  29. EInfach says

    Its a black screen

    when i join

    1. - Support says

      Please disable other extensions of the game.

  30. A says

    How to edit so I can wallhack for example?

    1. MYNIGGA(RACIST) says

      Yas dis is ma problem

  31. nomoretime says

    how to active and deactive

  32. huh says

    it dosent work

    1. - Support says

      Version Updated: 26.5.2019, so it is working now.

  33. kevin mohammed says

    Why cant i join any games right now??

  34. wndw says


  35. ijfore says

    why my game alwawys full

  36. yeety says

    how do i put it on krunker

  37. Dominik Benes says

    i have a problem. the menu shows, but i cant change anything. fast keys doesnt work too.

  38. madona says

    I love this game and i want to hacks 2019:D

  39. Pfcreeper says

    Where do I find the area to enable the hacks in game?

  40. moruk says

    working for me…

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