Clans List & Guide clans is a multiplayer online shooting game. Collaboration plays a very important role in this game because it has many players. gives players the chance to enter a clan or allows them to create their own clan. Each player does not have to pay any fees to establish or join a clan. In this article, we will give you general information about clans.

About Clans clans are a way for the players who share the same gaming interests to create groups that reflect their interest inside. The group is created inside Krunker. If you are part of a clan, you will immediately be able to gain the clan tag specifically to the right of your name. That way, every gamer who plays the same game as you can see exactly what clan you are in.

In game, the competitive clans usually only allow players to join and become part of them if they are able to demonstrate their skills. This ensures that the players who are welcomed in a clan do not drag the clan down the leaderboards when they can’t play well after they have joined. If a member of a clan doesn’t play well, they will drag the clan down the leaderboards. clans

How Can You Join Clan?

For you to join a clan, you must demonstrate that you have great skills. Actually, you cannot join any clan if you haven’t attained a certain level. In most cases, you are required to be level 10 or higher for you to join an existing clan.

Creating Your Own Clan

If you don’t want to join any of the existing clans, you can go ahead and create your own clan. For you to do this, you must have your own account. That means that you have to create an account first. If you are able to get another player to join your clan, you will see the active applications whenever you go to the clan page in your own account. Typically, game does not necessarily show you automatically that these notifications exist. You need to check regularly after good matches.

It is not only by checking regularly that you will be able to see whether a player is interested in joining your clan. In more often than not, a player who bothers to apply to join your clan will obviously remind you of their application through chat.

Besides having an account, there is a level that you must attain before you can create your own clan. Precisely, you have to be level 20 or higher for you to be able to create one of your own. Otherwise, you will only be able to join an existing one. You can always disband it whenever you want especially if you want to join another clan. This is because you cannot belong to more than one clans. The most important feature in the game is the challenge mode.

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