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Of course, the game is a fascinating one. That is something that cannot be gainsaid. However, there is still room for improvement and to make the game even more interesting. Getting cheat codes is one of the sure ways of making the game more interesting. This is because the Krunkerio cheat codes come with more features and power. online is an enemy shooter game and it is among the most popular io games that are currently available for all gamers. When you use cheat codes, the game becomes more interesting and more enjoyable. You will get more power and with more power, you will be able to kill your enemies easily and win more battles. This not only makes the game more interesting but also helps in increasing your chances of winning.

Main Benefits of Cheat Codes

There are many reasons why many players go for cheat codes. First, with cheat codes, you will get more unique weapons and skins. This will make you a more powerful shooter and places you in a better position to fight and defeat your enemies. With more amenities to fight your enemies, it means that you are a very powerful player and some cannot match your shooting skills. cheat codes cheat codes also help the player to go to the highest level of the game easily and quickly. This definitely makes you, more superior. It makes you very difficult for other players to challenge. The most important feature is bhop. The features of cheat are listed below:

  1. Fast Healer
  2. Auto aim
  3. Firebot
  4. Aim Through Walls
  5. ESP
  6. Auto Respawn
  7. Wall Hack
  8. ESP text color
  9. Bunnyhop
  10. Player Tracers
  11. No recoil
  12. Show FPS
  13. Custom Aim Settings

Krunkerio Cheat Codes (need tampermonkey or others below)

Small Download

You must have 

VirusTotal Scan: Cheats

You have to delete other aimbot extensions!

Updated: 1 May 2020

When you go to the high levels of game, you will definitely encounter more difficult challenges. In addition, when the challenges you are encountering in the game are difficult, you are forced to improve your skills in the game and become a better gamer. cheat codes also allow you to get more KR coins. With more KR coins, you will be able to purchase more weapons that have different skins. In addition, the more weapons you have, the better positioned you are to fight and defeat your enemies and become the winner.

How to Get Krunkerio Cheat Code?

Maybe you have heard about these cheat codes. You would love to have them so that you can be among the most powerful shooters in the game but you still don’t know where to get them. Well, all you need to do to get these cheat codes is to download them. Just search for them online and then download them on your device.

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  1. This game is really fun. Many players are having fun with auto aim.

  2. The scripts don’t work. They come up with “Failed to patch ______”

    1. You need to disable other Tampermonkey scripts.

  3. I installed the script on my computer, it works, but sometimes it gets corrupted when the update comes.

  4. so i just copy the script into tampermonkey and save, then open krunker? what next because it doesnt seem to make any changes to the game

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