Commando Guide commando Commando is a character with orange hair and a black outfit. The primary weapon of this class is the FAMAS. It is one of the most preferred character classes in the game and its biggest rival is the Triggerman class. is a first-person shooting game that is packed with fascinating features. This game has attained worldwide fame. So, you can make international friends by playing the game. The game has multiple discords and communities, wherein you can meet other passionate. You can also ask questions to seniors in the communities, and increase your gameplay. Commando

Commando is a rifle class within the game. Commando has orange color hair, and he boasts wearing a black color robust outfit. This is a powerful class that uses the FAMAS gun. FAMAS is well-renowned for shooting three bullets in a row. Commando is a great class that helps players in gaining a good advantage over other players. With this character’s weapon, you can shoot close-range, medium-range, and long-range shots. This weapon can deal good damage at any distance. commando

Key Features of the Commando

  • It has an HP of 100.
  • This game has a fast movement speed.
  • The primary weapon of the Commando class is FAMAS.
  • This class also has secondary weapons which are Deagle, Sawed-Off, Auto-Pistol, and Alien Blaster.
  • Issues of the class are fixed by the Commando developers.

Strategic Gameplay of Commando

The strategic gameplay of the Commando is quite similar to the Triggerman. Commando is average at long-range, medium-range, and low-range. Commando does not have any significant advantages over other players.

A burst of the commando is sufficient for the Hunter. The far range of the Commando is useless when it comes to customized maps like AIM Room. FAMAS is a lethal weapon when it comes to playing with headshots. If you go for 2 body shots and a single headshot, it can end the enemies within a second.

Where to Find the Community?

You can find the community of at various discord websites of the game. One of the main pages is wiki. You can reach the seniors on the Wiki page, and discuss your issues. You can also share what you like about the game. clans usually want to add Commando players to their teams because it is a type of character that can shoot quickly and effectively.

You will also be able to increase the efficiency of the game by discussing it with expert players.

Keep Playing the Game Always

There is also an unblocked version of the game. If you have become addicted to the game, game developers have proposed the solutions. You can access the game online anywhere on the unblocked version, and keep on enjoying playing the game. Commando is a fascinating class that improves the quality of the player. Though it does not offer many advantages, it still has many good features to offer.

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  1. I think the most difficult class to play in the game is commando.

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